About Us

My motivation for creating this website began as I was driving around and saw people with bumper stickers on their gas guzzling SUVs that they “Support Our Troops”.  The only way we are going to solve the problem of our dependence on foreign oil is to change our consumption habits.  Hybrids are an excellent way to be energy efficient if they meet your transportation needs.  Some of us, however, need a large vehicle for work or to haul around large families.  We want to feel that our transportation choice is not requiring our young men and women to fight overseas for more oil.  Now there is a viable option to run any Diesel powered vehicle on vegetable oil benefiting the environment and our economy alike.  American Farmers can grow BioFuel creating jobs and build a sustainable industry.  Even if we only reduce our Nation’s oil consumption by 10% it will have a dramatic impact on the USA’s dependence on foreign oil.

I hope this site will make it easier and convenient for you to obtain and produce Clean Grease for your Diesel vehicle.

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